Masked and ready for doctor check ups for the girls.


Hello family and friends. We hope that you all are well. It seems tiring to continue to talk about Covid-19, but that is still what life is revolving around, isn’t it? We are glad to say that this time the changes in life have shifted back toward normal, however we really don’t know what normal will look like do we?

I’ve been inwardly rebelling against the idea that we will not be able to go back to “normal”. We have given up liberties, as we have been encouraged to do, and the consolation was that it won’t be forever. However as the virus continues, and fear not only creeps in but takes hold of us, you hear talk of the future still holding onto this socially distant lifestyle.

I have a lot of opinions about this idea, as I’m sure many of you do. I have been trying to justify my inward recoiling from this idea, but most of the justification is just plain selfish. Americans value (over-value?) our independence. I don’t want to be fettered in life by someone else’s ideas of necessary precautions. Check out this sermon to get a perspective check on how we think of ourselves, and how we ought to consider others. While the Bible teaches us to be accountable to one another, it also teaches that we are beings made for community. Here’s the rub. While we try to obey the governments that God has put in place (Romans 13:1), we also have been created for community, to gather, to share, to fellowship, and to encourage one another. Here’s a quote from “A Life Overseas”, my favorite missionary blog:

“Yes, there is Zoom and Skype and FaceTime. Yes, we WhatsApp with friends and family attempting to connect in meaningful ways. Yes, we remind ourselves that flattening the curve is important and the upside down-ness is not forever. The parts of our beings made for connection, real life physical connection, still starve.”

So as we learn to balance these new life restrictions, changes, and challenges, let us not rely on our own faulty judgement, our family’s or friend’s opinion, or the government and societal pressures to dictate how we live and work, but let us look to the scripture for guidance. That is how I want to live, grounded in the truth, so that I and others whom I influence, will not be led astray


Lord help us each with this endeavor!